Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Heeeeere's AskHat

Well I'm back - having shamefully not posted for almost 11 months...would that be almost the same age as my daughter? Anyway - I'm not taking all the blame for disappearing - it is called Askhat and I can only really blog if I've got a question to answer. And frankly the kind of questions I've had to ask, or to answer recently have involved breasts, poo and sleep (lack of) and I don't think you all wanted to know about that. If you do - just ask and I can bore you rigid for hooooours...

Anyway - hello again dear friends, and I hope to post something useful/interesting soon.


Askhat x


westendmum said...

Welcome back.

Dear AskHat

I don't know if you will be able to help on this one but having recently bought our own home the time to DIY is approaching. Is it possible to do a short course in basic DIY skills such as using a drill, putting up coat hooks, shelves, utensil racks, that sort of thing or am I destined to thumbing through manuals and leaving the plaster walls looking like teabags?

Failing that how does one find a good, reliable handy man who won't balk at doing all of the minor jobs above and cam get them done before hubby returns from work and feels he has given away his manhood?

I'm in North London, N10 but am happy to go Central. Don't feel too pressured, I've been informed the DIY season doesn't begin until March.


fabhat said...

Dear WEM,
Got it - and I shall start digging away. I look forward to getting back to some sleuthing for answers...

AskHat xx