Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Oh baby baby

I am delirious with lack of sleep, my face looks like a reject from madame tussards and I am walking like a zombie with piles...Yes I have had a baby.  This is the first time I have been alone since Friday when I went into labour, and it feels very weird. I am twitchy without the addictive smelling small person in the room , who is being walked around by the husband and his v happy to be (grand) parents while I am supposed to be catching up on sleep...errr so I thought I'd go on the internet instead.

I have so far discovered the following:

Labour REALLY hurts...
Breastfeeding is not straightforward or as easy as it looks in the lovely pictures
I had forgotten just how peculiar I am when short on sleep
Hospital food is better than you think
Midwives and doctors at St Thomas's Hospital are fabulous
It's true that your own baby is the most beautiful thing you have ever seen.
A man who manages to find you lovely slices of cucumber when you are in labour and that's all you fancy eating is worth holding onto.

Normal (ish) service will resume soon.

askhat xx


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Oh Hat, CONGRATULATIONS! I suspected you may have gone into labour on Friday. Sorry to hear it's all been a bit ouchy, tiring and tough - hang in there. But what did you have? Boy or Girl? Oh, and congrats to you both again! xx

westendmum said...

Yay! CONGRATULATIONS! Well done you. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy.

Breastfeeding gets easier honestly, just trust your instincts.

Please don't hesitate to poke me for info about anything.


Cassandra said...

YAAAAAAAAAAAAY!!! HURRAH for baby Brockers! Of course have already contacted you elsewhere but CONGRATS again. My attempts at breastfeeding were an utter disaster, btw, and the whole thing was very upsetting. So do shout if you need any help/sympathy xxx

Antonia said...

Hey! You just had a baby! At St Thomas's! I'm about to do that, but you know that. CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to the most dizzyingly tiring, surreal and wonderful days of your life, and a big welcome to the baby - oh, wonderful news. Yay! You don't have to give birth any more! You can sleep face down! Or at least lie face down and wish for sleep! Yay! x x

Suzie Bee said...

CONGRATULATIONS! Welcome to a whole new life.