Monday, 4 April 2011

Do it Do it

Dear AskHat

I don't know if you will be able to help on this one but having recently bought our own home the time to DIY is approaching. Is it possible to do a short course in basic DIY skills such as using a drill, putting up coat hooks, shelves, utensil racks, that sort of thing or am I destined to thumbing through manuals and leaving the plaster walls looking like teabags?

Failing that how does one find a good, reliable handy man who won't balk at doing all of the minor jobs above and cam get them done before hubby returns from work and feels he has given away his manhood?

I'm in North London, N10 but am happy to go Central. Don't feel too pressured, I've been informed the DIY season doesn't begin until March.


Now, I know it may appear to be April - but as March was such horrible weather no-one is doing any DIY until April...and the delay in posting is nothing to do with getting my VAT return in instead of blogging...ahem.

I've found a few places that might suit Westend mums's dilemma.

This course from Chelsea Arts is designed more for people telling other people what to do (so very Chelsea)...but great for de-jargonising your relationship with builders and tradesmens:

At the Builders Training Centre you can do a two day course in basic practical skills for maintaining your home. It's in Croydon, so you'd have to brave South London (bring your passport) but sounds like the right kind of course. No web address but here is the phone number.

020 8649 9340

If you would rather get someone in who knows what they're doing instead, I have used the lovely Steve before - as have about 15 of my friends. Thoughtful about his work, reliable and very pleasant to be around - I highly recommend him.  Good with children and diy averse  spouses.

There are always books - and there is always a  raft of weird american how-to videos on you tube - but they might be better for bedtime reading/fodder for bad jokes or tool time tim impressions...

Let us know how you get on with your March April DIY'ing.

Askhat xx


westendmum said...

Dear AskHat

Thank-you so much for your research and reply to my DIY question.

I love the idea of doing a 2 day couse although you are right I will have to get out my passport to travel to Croydon - is it on the tubeline!. In the mean time we did find a handy local DIYer who came and put up the coat hook and a shelf so we have somewhere to put coats at last (now we are hoping to no longer be wearing them).

The GR has even fitted a new door handle and changed all the sash window fastenings to lovely shiny ones found on ebay.

So, coming along, coming along!

Hope you are well.

Not so westend mum.

Anonymous said...

You Tube - it has EVERYTHING how to. It really does. I even repaired my clothes dryer using a video.