Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Burrito time

I was asked recently by local and twitter buddy Maradoll for some good Mexican food recommendations, after she was given a quesadilla that was called a burrito, in a local eaterie. Now, my own experience of Mexican food is mostly of eating bad food at Cafe Pacifico's in Langley St, after a lot of tequila - in the days when I and my friends thought that was cool, so not exactly up to date...
As Maradoll is a San Fran foodie, who knows her stuff, the pressure was on and I knew I'd have to call in some help on this one. The cavalry arrived in the shape of my Latino ex-pat friend Jason, who carefully wrote me a list of Mexican eateries that live up to his expectations in London. It's a very short list, and untested by me - but I trust Jason, knowing his good taste. As always, if you have any suggestions to add - please do.

Benito's Hat (Must be good with a name like this): One branch in Goodge St and looks tasty - Burritos are the recommendation here: http://www.benitos-hat.com/

Tortilla : Two branches - one in Angel, one is Southwark. Again, Jason recommends the burritos: http://www.tortilla.co.uk/

Mestizo: This is Jason's recommendation for the full meal deal...it's not cheap, but Jason says it is good. It's day of the dead celebrations here from the 27th Nov until the 2nd of Nov, so could be a good time to visit. http://www.mestizomx.com/

Wahaca: This recommendation comes from Liberty London Girl - who has such impeccable taste in all things, that I'd be mad not to add it. Plus, Tomasina Meirs who set this small chain up, is an ex winner of Masterchef - and I think you all know about my obsession with that! Http://www.wahaca.co.uk/

And as for the tequila...all I can recommend for that is don't drink a whole bottle in a night.

Askhat xx


Top Bird @ Wee Birdy said...

Good burrito tips - I'm always looking for decent Mexican in London. Apparently the Burrito truck on Leather Lane market is particularly good, too. xx

Liberty London Girl said...

God I LOVE Mexican food. Is one reason can't possible move back to UK. Wahaca is wonderful - why is not on list?!! LLGxx

fabhat said...

Wee birdy and LLG - thanks for those tips - will add them into the mix. I didn't mention Wahaca because I've not been there yet - and my Mexican Deep throat didn't put it on his list. xx

Elise said...

ah now this takes me back... what a fabulous post, I can smell the food

Sabine said...

Thanks so much for the tipps! I haven't dared to eat Mexican Food in London yet - it can all go soo wrong... But now I will give it a try. Sabine x

westendmum said...

& if you want tequila... there is La Perla on Charlotte Street. I’ve tried Burritos Hat, they come wrapped in tinfoil, will look out for Wahaca.

Mmmmm spice, we like spice, apart from when Erbie was newborn and I had a chilli laden supper, the poor mite had a bright red bottom the next morning, so no chilli if you're planning to breast feed!
WEM xx

urbanmumsLondon said...

i love chilango (upper street in inslingston, and other location is near holborn). sooo fresh, and delicious.